Updated 05.15.2023

Benefits Open Enrollment Begins Next Week

Benefits Open Enrollment Begins Next Week

The open enrollment window begins May 22 and closes on June 9. Benefit-eligible team members will receive a Dayforce message that includes a prompt to enroll or make changes to their benefits.

Review the below information and make sure you’re prepared for open enrollment.

  • What is Open Enrollment? It’s the one time of the year benefits-eligible team members can make changes to their coverage without a qualifying life event.
  • When is Open Enrollment? Mister’s open enrollment window in Dayforce is May 22 – June 9.
  • When will benefit elections take effect? Elections take effect on July 1.
  • Where can I learn more about Mister’s benefits? You can review the Benefits Guide (para espanol, clic aqui) from mistercarwash.com or watch an in-depth benefits presentation.
    • If you’re not sure which health insurance plan to choose, take the Mister Learn course Investing in Yourself: Which Health Insurance Plan Is Right for You?
  • Will there be changes to premiums? Unfortunately, health care costs are going up due to inflation. Although Mister has decided to cover most of the increase, a small price increase will be passed on to employees. We will continue to review our benefits and evaluate options for cost savings and enhancements. Please review the 2023/2024 medical plan premiums in the updated Benefits Guide (para espanol, clic aqui).
  • What action do I need to take as a benefit-eligible team member?
    • If this is your first enrollment, you must make elections in Dayforce to receive benefits.
    • If you are already enrolled and want to keep your current elections, no action is needed unless you want to begin participating or continue participating in the Healthcare Savings Account.
  • How can I manage my healthcare costs?
    • Quantum Health offers healthcare navigation services to team members and their dependents enrolled in our health plan. They can help reduce unnecessary out-of-pocket costs, verify coverage, find in-network providers and more. Visit their website, download the MyQhealth mobile app, or call them at 888-971-7277 to talk live with a Care Coordinator.
    • Complete preventative screenings. Early detection can help prevent complications and unnecessary costs.
    • Use CirrusMD before visiting urgent care or the emergency room for non-emergent situations. In many cases, you can get the necessary care at no cost.
    • Research our free Specialized Health Programs to manage specific health conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the HR Helpline at hrhelp@mistercarwash.com or 844.529.7392.   

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