Updated 11.01.2022

Diabetes Awareness Month with Livongo

Diabetes Awareness Month with Livongo

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, we’re sending you a gentle reminder about our “Livongo for Diabetes” and “Livongo for Diabetes Prevention” programs. They help make living with diabetes easier and are offered at no cost to you and your eligible family members enrolled in a Mister medical plan.

Here’s what you get when you join:

Unlimited Strips at No Extra Cost to You: Get as many strips and lancets as needed shipped directly to you, with no hidden costs.

More Than a Standard Meter: The Livongo connected meter automatically uploads readings and provides real-time tips. The Livongo mobile app helps you track your readings, view all your data in a convenient place, and reorder supplies with one click.

Anytime, Anywhere Coaching: You have access to a Livongo coach, who can provide one-on-one support by phone, email, or text to help you with questions about nutrition, smart lifestyle changes, and your blood sugar readings.

To learn more or join: visit be.livongo.com/MISTER/register

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Diabetes Awareness Month with Livongo

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