Updated 06.21.2022

Managing Market Volatility

Managing Market Volatility

Managing Market Volatility

It’s natural to feel anxious when markets experience volatility. Read on for tips about what to do to minimize your financial risk.

The experts at Mercer Wise have some advice to help you ride out market ups and downs. Consider the following:

  • Know your investment strategy and set goals.
  • Diversify and allocate your assets.
  • Use dollar-cost averaging to avoid buying high and selling low.
  • Stick to your strategy and don’t make fear-based decisions you’ll regret later.

Learn how to apply these and other tips by watching Riding the Wave: Managing Market Volatility, a short informative video from Mercer Wise.

If you have questions or concerns about your retirement strategy and retirement account, reach out to a Mercer Wise representative at 888-976-4907.

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Managing Market Volatility

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