Updated 11.02.2022

New Livongo Scale

New Livongo Scale

If you participate in Livongo’s Diabetes Prevention and Weight Management Program, you’ll soon be getting a new scale. This is because your current scale will lose cellular connectivity later this year. The new scale will work just the same but will be able to connect to the latest 4G networks.  

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Confirm your address. Go to my.livongo.com, sign in to your account, select your name, and confirm or edit your shipping address under “Profile & Preferences”.
  2. Complete your first weigh-in* once the scale arrives. This will automatically activate it.

Be sure to activate your scale right away to prevent any disruption to your program. Once it’s activated, you should no longer use your old scale to track your weight. 

Questions? Email membersupport@livongo.com or call toll free 800-945-4355.

Not yet enrolled in Livongo? Visit be.livongo.com/MISTER/register or call 800-945-4355 with code: MISTER

* Here’s how:

  • Place the scale on a hard, flat surface.
  • Step on with clean feet until you see your weight on the display.
  • Step off. A dotted line will flash and then you’ll see the word DONE. Your weight measurement will show up right in the app.

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