Updated 03.01.2022

The Livongo Diabetes Experience

The Livongo Diabetes Experience

Diabetes management requires awareness of day-to-day factors such as knowing what makes your blood sugar level rise and fall, what foods to buy and eat, when to check your blood sugar, managing your medications and how to incorporate daily activity. This can be overwhelming to most people.

Take a couple of minutes to watch a short video on how the Livongo Diabetes Management program has helped a Livongo member gain control back of his life by lowering his anxiety while grocery shopping, feeling more comfortable making meals and gave him a better understanding of his individual day-to-day needs. 

The Livongo Diabetes Management program is available and free to team members and their dependents age 13 and older enrolled in a Mister medical plan. This includes a connected meter for blood glucose readings, individual support from certified coaches and unlimited testing strips delivered to your home.

Watch the Livongo Diabetes Experience video: Livongo Diabetes Experience

Enroll today: Register for Livongo or call 800-945-4355 with code: Mister


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