Updated 10.27.2022

Updates to the Paid Parental Leave Policy

Updates to the Paid Parental Leave Policy

You can now use your paid parental leave incrementally over a 12-month period.

In an effort to best support our working parents, Mister has updated its Paid Parental Leave Policy [HR.3006-MCW-POL].

Managers, please make sure your team members are aware of the following changes:

  • Team members can now use their leave incrementally across a 12-month period rather than requiring that it be used in one continuous period. For example, you might take three full weeks off immediately after the birth of a child and then decide when or if you want to use the rest.
  • Team members must now submit a request through Dayforce (similar to PTO) each time they’d like to use parental leave hours (either intermittently in 1-day increments or consecutively). 

Review the updated policy in full by downloading the attachment. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your HRBP. 

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