Backup Childcare with Bright Horizons

Backup Childcare with Bright Horizons

Updated 04.18.2024

Mister Car Wash has partnered with Bright Horizons to provide backup childcare when you need it most. 

By registering with Bright Horizons, eligible team members can use up to five (5) employer-paid days of backup childcare per calendar year.

Download the registration document for instructions on getting started with Bright Horizons, and see below for information about this benefit.


Backup Childcare FAQ

1. What is backup childcare?
Backup childcare is there for you when your normal childcare falls through. With Bright Horizons, you can book last-minute childcare at a nearby center or even in your own home.

2. Who is eligible for backup childcare?

Mister Car Wash employees (part time and full time) become eligible for backup childcare on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment.
3. How do I request backup childcare?

You must register with Bright Horizons to view backup care options and request backup childcare. Visit, scan the QR code below, or call 877-BH-CARES (242-2737) to speak with a care consultant 24/7.

You’ll need your 7-digit employee ID number to register. Depending on where you live, you may need to submit one or more forms. At minimum, plan on having your child’s vaccination record handy.

4. How many employer-paid backup childcare days are available to me?

Mister Car Wash employees can request up to five (5) days of employer-paid backup childcare per calendar year.

If using a daycare center, 1 day will be deducted regardless of the number of dependents needing backup care.

If using an in-home provider, 1 day will be used for up to 3 children. If there are 4 or more children needing backup care, 2 days will be used since Bright Horizons will send two care providers.

5. Can I continue to schedule care through Bright Horizons after I use up my five employer-paid days?

Yes, you can purchase childcare through the Bright Horizons marketplace. If you schedule childcare through a Bright Horizons partner center, you are eligible to receive a discount (typically 10%).

6. What should I do if Bright Horizons doesn’t offer care centers in my area?

If there are no Bright Horizons care centers near where you live, they may offer partner centers, and you can schedule in-home care. Call 1-877-242-2737 to discuss available options with a Bright Horizons care consultant.

7. Are there any other limitations I should know about?

  • You must be the legal guardian of a child to request backup care for them (in other words, you cannot request backup care for a grandchild for whom you are their primary caretaker but not their legal guardian).
  • Backup childcare is limited to active team members. Team members on any kind of leave of absence are not able to request backup childcare until they return from leave.
  • Rehires will be treated as new hires when determining their eligibility for backup childcare.

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