Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Updated 10.26.2022

What is the ESPP?

An ESPP is a valuable benefit that provides eligible employees with an opportunity to purchase company shares at a discount.  The ESPP allows you to contribute a percentage of your salary to purchase Shares during each offering period. To do so you must take steps to enroll between October 31 – November 13 at www.etrade.com/enroll

Why should I participate? 

As an employee of Mister Car Wash you can become an owner in our company by purchasing stock. All employees both full-time and part-time are eligible to participate and purchase Mister’s stock at a 15% discount from lesser of the offering price and purchase date price.  All contributions are through payroll deduction. 

Who is eligible to participate? 

Team members who have been with Mister for 6-months or longer (including seniority with a prior company for recent acquisitions) are eligible to participate in this ESPP offering period. 

How does an ESPP work? 

There are 3 different key dates that are important, the enrollment period, offering period, and purchase date. These dates will change through out the year and communicated prior to each new enrollment period. 

Enrollment Period:  October 31 – November 13

This is the time period you will have to enroll through E-trade and choose your contribution amount. Contributions are limited at 20% of your eligible compensation. 

Offering Period Begins:  November 16 – May 15

This is the time period Mister will automatically deduct your elected contribution amount through payroll deduction. These deductions build up between the offering date and the purchase date. 

Purchase Date:  May 15

This is the date Mister uses your elected contributions to purchase company shares on your behalf. 

For more information on the ESPP such as contribution limits, tax benefits, and changes to your ESPP, please review the ESPP Flyer, ESPP Prospectus, and ESPP Enrollment Guide.

  • CLICK HERE for instructions to enroll in Mister’s ESPP
  • CLICK HERE for the Mister Car Wash, Inc. Employee Stock Purchase Plan Prospectus

Enrollment Information 

Enroll at : www.etrade.com/enroll or CLICK HERE

Ticker Symbol: MCW

Use your 7-digit Employee ID




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