Updated 05.05.2021


Payactiv is a program that gives you access to the money you worked for but haven’t been paid yet. You can access up to 50% of your earned income ($500 max) per pay period and transfer it to your bank, card, or Payactiv Visa® Card. Set up is easy and can be completed through the Payactiv app or online at

Payactiv is free to use when you set up direct deposit of your paycheck to your Payactiv Card.

Without direct deposit to a Payactiv Card, there’s a program fee of $1 on the day you access your earned wages, or use them toward integrated services like in-app bill pay, Uber, Amazon, or Walmart Cash Pickup. This covers all transactions until midnight Pacific Time that day. This fee is capped at $5 per pay period, even if you use Payactiv more than 5 days in a pay period. There’s an additional $1.99  processing fee per transaction for Walmart Cash Pickup and upgraded Instant Deposit transfers to non-Payactiv debit cards.

To learn more please select the PayActiv FAQ located at the top of this page.

You can also call HR Services at Human Resources by calling 1-844-529-7392 or emailing


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