Updated 02.10.2021

What is MyMoNow by PayActiv?

MyMoNow is the PayActiv payroll advance app that allows you to access your unpaid earnings instantly!

Benefits of MyMoNow by PayActiv

  • Access your pay as you earn it, before payday!
  • $1.00 per day of access when using a Mister’s payroll card or direct deposit
  • $1.99 Transaction fee when using Visa Instant Deposit and cash pickup from Walmart
  • FREE when using PayActiv Prepaid or PayActiv payroll card
  • Save money on late fees, loan interest, and bank fees by accessing your own money now
  • The mobile app helps manage your earnings and cash flow quickly and easily
  • The PayActiv MyMoNow mobile app also offers a full range of financial services including immediate access to cash, free bill pay, bank transfers, and automatic savings plans
  • MyMoNow users pay a nominal, one-time fee for each transaction like an ATM fee

Enrolling in MyMoNow by PayActiv is Easy

Before utilizing PayActiv, you will need to have enrolled in either Direct Deposit or the Mister Car Wash Pay Card Program. To find your Mister Car Wash Pay Card banking information for PayActiv enrollment, click here. If you have enrolled in Direct Deposit, you will need to have your banking information handy.

To Enroll, go to or you may enroll via text message by texting “Enroll Me” to 1-877-937-6966.

For instructions on how to set up PayActiv, click the link below:

PayActiv Enrollment Guide

If you are part of a new acquisition, please call the HR Helpline at 844-529-7392  to speak with a Mister Car Wash HR Specialist.

For additional questions or help regarding MyMoNow, call PayActiv representatives at 877-910-8400, or call the Mister Car Wash HRHelpline at 844-529-7392.


PayActiv FAQs

Q: What is the minimum amount that I can access in advance?

A: No minimum amount is required.

Q: What is the maximum amount I can access in advance?

A: The maximum amount is 50% of your unpaid earnings up to $500. The amount must be requested prior to the pay period end.

Q: When an employee is using PayActiv for the first time, how long does it take to receive funds?

A: An Employee must first enroll and then add a bank account or pay card to their account. Once the banking information is added and verified (1-2 business days), a request can be initiated to receive funds. Transaction requests must be made before 1 PM EST for same-day access to funds at 6 PM EST. Transaction requests after 1 PM EST will be funded by 6 PM EST the following day.

Q: Is it faster for an employee to receive their first advance if they use a bank account or a pay card account?

A: The fastest method would be using your online checking account credentials. Employee enters their credentials, selects the bank account to which they wish to deposit the funds and their bank account is automatically added to their PayActiv account. Employees can then initiate a transaction.

A: If the employee is using a pay card, they must verify the card information first. Employee adds card information, a micro deposit ($0.10 to $0.90) is sent to their account and once it is received, employee must provide this deposit amount to PayActiv (verification process 1-2 business days). Employees can then initiate a transaction.

Q: How many payroll deductions are required to repay advanced funds?

A: If the amount is less than $100.00, employees are only able to select 1 pay period repayment. If the amount is $100.00 or more, they can select either 1 pay period repayment or 2 pay period repayments. There is a flat $5.00 fee for each repayment.  

If employment is terminated either by Mister Car Wash or the employee, all funds borrowed will be collected by PayActiv until the borrowed amount is $0.00.  

How to find your payroll card banking information: click here

If you would like to set up your Pay Card click here for instructions.

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