Updated 07.09.2021

      Mister Car Wash offers FREE access to Weight Management through Livongo to team members and dependents age 18 and older enrolled in one of Mister’s Health Plans


Livongo Weight Management is a free evidence-based program that helps Members manage their weight by focusing on lifestyle and behavior change. Members are provided with personalized, actionable, and timely support to drive lasting outcomes. 

Available tools with enrollment: 

  • Cellular Scale providing seamless weigh-ins
  • Food and activity tracking to understand lifestyle habits
  • Lessons that provide evidence-based strategies for healthy living
  • Health challenges that drive small changes for big wins
  • 1:1 coaching from Livongo Expert Coaches
  • Coach-led online meet-ups for support and accountability

Get Started and Learn More: 

Register at: be.livongo.com/MISTER/register OR call 800-945-4355 with code: MISTER





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