Plan Documents

Plan Documents

Updated 08.05.2020

Mister Car Wash Plan Documents

Summary Plan Description 7.1.2019

Summary of Premium Only Plan 7.1.19

Summary of Material Modification to Plan COVID 19 6.1.2020

Medical Plan Documents

MCW Medical SPD eff 7.1.2020

MCW Medical SPD eff 7.1.19

2020 Medical Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

2020 HDHP with HSA SBC

2020 HDHP with HSA SBC (Spanish)

2020 PPO SBC

2020 PPO SBC (Spanish)

2019 Medical Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

2019 HDHP with HSA SBC

  2019 PPO SBC

Dental Plan Documents

Delta Dental Low Plan SOB eff 07 01 18

Delta Dental High Plan SOB eff 07 01 18

2020 Dental Plan Option Summary

2020 Delta Dental Low Plan

2020 Delta Dental High Plan

Vision Plan Documents

EyeMed Vision Summary of Benefits

401k Plan Documents

Mister Car Wash 401k SPD

Empower BBA Cover Letter

Empower BBA FAQ

Third Cycle Restatement FAQ

BBA Amendment


Life & Disability Plan Documents

Life Insurance Summary 7.01.2019

Short Term Disability Summary 07.01.2019

Long term Disability Summary 07.01.2019

Life Certificate of Coverage

Disability Certificate of Coverage

Required Notices

Mister Car Wash Exchange Notice 2019



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