Vision Plan Information

Vision Plan Information

Updated 06.09.2020

Vision care is offered to all eligible employees and dependents and is provided through EyeMed Vision.

How much does vision coverage cost  per paycheck?

Coverage Level
Employee Only $4.04
Employee + Spouse $7.62
Employee + Child(ren) $8.02
Employee + Family $11.76

What vision services are available through the Plan?







Exam (once every 12 months) $0 copay Up to $35
Standard Lenses (Once every 12 months) $0 copay Single: Up to $25

Bifocal:  Up to $40

Trifocal:  Up to $55

Frames (Once every 24 months) $140 allowance + 20% off balance Up to $45
Contact Lenses (Once every 12 months)
–Elective: $115 allowance + 15% off balance Up to $92
–Medically Necessary Plan pays 100% Up to $200

How do I find an EyeMed provider?

To find a vision care provider or get more information about your coverage, you can:

  • Register online here
  • Call EyeMed at 866-939-3633
  • Contact Quantum Health Care Coordinators at 888-971-7277

Discounts for EyeMed members

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