Rx – Prescription Benefits

Rx – Prescription Benefits

Updated 05.11.2023

OptumRx is Mister Car Wash’s pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). They manage and process your pharmacy claims as well as answer questions and help locate participating pharmacies. Download the OptumRx app or visit them online at www.optumrx.com. 

Maintenance medications will need to be filled through OptumRx Home Delivery. For newly prescribed medications, there will be 2 retail pharmacy fills available.

Maintenance medications are prescriptions you take on a long-term or regular basis. They are often used to treat chronic conditions or used as preventative medications. They can also be a medication prescribed for 3 to six months and then discontinued such as an allergy medication during the summer. 

Visit OptumRx.com and select Get Started or use the OptumRx app. From there, you can fill new prescriptions, transfer others to home delivery and more!

Prescription Drugs 
Tier PPO Plan HDHP Plan
Preventive $0 copay $10 copay
Generic $10 copay 20% after deductible
Preferred Brand $35 copay 20% after deductible
Non-Preferred Brand $60 copay 20% after deductible
Mail Order (up to 90 day supply)

*Mail Order is mandatory for maintenance medications

Preferred Brand $87 copay, Non-Preferred Brand $150 copay

Preventative $25 copay all others 20% after deductible

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