Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off

Updated 04.01.2021

Mister Car Wash encourages work/life balance and has established a paid time off (PTO) policy to allow our employees time away from work for rest and to meet personal demands outside the workplace. PTO is available to use for vacation, sick or safe time, personal days, store holidays and other leaves of absence. 

An employee who wants to use PTO hours should speak to their manager and request the time off through Dayforce. Click  here  for instructions on how to submit a PTO request.

PTO for reasons other than for sick or safe-time purposes are subject to the manager’s approval. When the need for PTO for sick or safe-time purposes is foreseeable, employees must provide seven (7) days in advance-notice. If the need is not foreseeable, employees must provide notice to their manager as soon as possible [but in any event within 24 hours]

Any questions about PTO? Contact Human Resources by calling 1-844-529-7392 or emailing

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