Your Health Care Navigator!

Your Health Care Navigator!

Updated 09.08.2022

*Note:  You must be enrolled in one of the Mister Car Wash medical plans in order to access Quantum.

Mister and Quantum have partnered together to  bring you a personalized experience that provides you with one-stop access to YOUR  benefits information.  Through Quantum, you’ll get:

  • help finding an in network provider
  • access to a care coordinator who can assist in creating a health improvement plan
  • assistance in understanding your health benefits
  • a handy tool for storing your ID card information  or requesting replacement cards
  • explanations regarding billing 
  • and more!

Think of Quantum as your personal team of nurses, benefits experts and claims specialist who will do all they can to support your unique healthcare needs.  

Who is eligible for Quantum?

Employees and dependents who are enrolled in either of the medical plans are eligible to use Quantum’s team of care coordinators.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is easy!

  • Contact a Care Coordinator today at 1-888-971-7277
  • Visit 
  • Download the “MyQHealth-Care Coordinators” app, available now from the App Store or Google Play 

How can I get more information?

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact HR at or at 1-844-529-7392.


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