Ginger - Help for Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Ginger - Help for Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Updated 01.27.2022

Ginger is a behavioral health benefit available to employees and dependents who are enrolled in one of the Mister Car Wash medical plans to help manage stress, depression, and anxiety.

Whether you’re feeling stressed, scared, worried, or all of the above, you’re not alone. You and your household members aged 18 and older have access to Ginger’s Emotional Support mobile App!

Free for Health Plan participants, Ginger offers immediate behavioral health coaching via text with a trained behavioral coach through the Ginger App.

Licensed in-network therapists and psychiatrists are available and can be added to your care team for sessions via video chat. This service is available as an office visit through your health plan. A member of the Ginger support team will check network status and let you know the fee per session prior to your first appointment. 

Fee Schedule for in-network clinical care:

Therapy Intake Appointment $149 – Therapy Follow-up Appointments $119

Psychiatry Intake Appointment $249 – Psychiatry Follow-Up Appointment $179

If a member has not yet met their deductible, the member will pay out-of-pocket until their deductible is met. Once the deductible has been met the member will be responsible for a co-pay.

Both services are available day or night 365 days per year. 

Signing up is easy! You can start a live chat session through the Ginger App, within a couple of minutes of downloading it.

Get started now

  1. Download the Ginger Emotional Support mobile app.
  2. In the app, tap “Get Started,” then tap “Verify with Name, DOB, Zip.”
  3. Follow the instructions sent to your inbox and you’re all set!

Are you curious about Ginger? Join their Mental Healthcare with Ginger Explained webinar where you can ask questions about Ginger’s services with a live health coach.

Click on the day that works best for you to see available sessions. 



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