Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Updated 01.06.2022

The PPO is a medical plan that comes with a higher cost per pay check than the HDHP, but a lower deductible and fewer out-of-pocket costs.

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How much does the PPO cost per pay check?

*rates listed are for the 2021/2022 Plan year. To see the 2020/2021 rates, please view the 2020/2021 Benefits Guide.

Coverage Level     Tobacco User  Non-Tobacco User
Employee Only               $68.50                 $48.50
Employee + Spouse              $182.50                $162.50
Employee + Child(ren)              $169.50                 $149.50
Employee + Family              $250.50                 $230.50












Why choose the PPO medical plan?

  • Lower deductible
  • You or your covered dependents need frequent medical care

How do I use my benefits under the PPO?

Benefits under the PPO medical plan are used the same way they are under the HDHP.  The difference is in how the bill gets paid.

There are four terms in the PPO Plan that you need to know:

  1. Copay:  a fixed amount you may have to pay at the time you receive medical services
  2. Deductible: the amount that you will spend out of your own pocket before the Plan starts to pay on your behalf
  3. Coinsurance: a percentage of the bill you may have to pay for certain services after reaching the deductible
  4. Out-of-pocket maximum:  the most you will pay out of your own pocket for the entire year
    1. This amount includes copays, coinsurance, deductible, and costs for prescription drugs
    2. This amount does not include your per pay check premiums

Preventive care is covered at 100% under the Plan.  This means that your yearly checkups, well-child visits, immunizations, and a number of other services are available without any out-of-pocket costs to you.

Which doctors can I see when I enroll in the PPO?

You can use any provider you wish under both medical plans offered by Mister Car Wash.  However, you will save money by using:

  • a UMR Premium Designated Provider
  • an In-Network Provider

Premium Designated Providers charge the lowest rates.

In-Network providers charge low rates.

Out-of-Network providers charge the highest rates.

Mister strongly encourages you to use a Premium Designated Provider or other In-Network provider to save money!

How do I find a Provider?

To find a provider in your area contact a Care Coordinator at Quantum Health by phone at 888-971-7277 or follow the below steps to search directly on United Health Care’s web portal. 

  1. Click Here to be redirected to United Health Care’s Provider search tool. 
  2. Click Continue 
  3. Click Find a Provider
  4. Click Medical Directory
  5. Click Employer and Individual Plans
  6. Scroll down and select Choice Plus
  7. Search by provider, service, or condition


How do I get help from Mister Car Wash?

For questions about any of the benefits offered through Mister Car Wash, please contact the HR Helpline at or call 844-529-7392.

Once you’ve enrolled into either of the Mister Car Wash medical plans be sure to access the Benefits Hub for additional programs and features that are available to you!

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