Updated 06.11.2021

Do you have back, knee, hip, neck or shoulder pain?

Do you have back, knee, hip, neck or shoulder pain?

Hinge Health offers access to digital programs and tools used to conquer back, knee, hip, neck and shoulder pain without using medications or surgery.  On average participants see a 60% reduction in pain. Mister Health Plan participants and their eligible dependents age 18+ can apply to participate in this program FREE of charge. Apply today to receive the following:

  • A free tablet computer and wearable sensors
  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching with a personal care team tailored to you
  • 15-minute guided personalized exercise therapy

Mister has partnered with Hinge Health for two years and helped hundreds of our team members and their family members. To learn more about this program or apply click here or call (855) 902-2777.

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