Updated 12.06.2021

The holidays are upon us.....is your budget ready?

The holidays are upon us.....is your budget ready?

Enjoy this holiday season and budget for expenses with SmartDollar’s budgeting app EveryDollar! 

EveryDollar is free to all Mister team members and not only simplifies but takes the stress out of budgeting. Check out what you can do with the EveryDollar app:

  • Sync your bank accounts with a secure connection
  • Create savings funds for the holidays, birthdays, and special events
  • Get due date reminders and avoid late fees
  • Access your personized budget reports on spending and income
  • And more!

Mister team members combined have saved and eliminated debt over $2 Million using SmartDollar’s tools. Here are some testimonials from Mister team members:

The plan is simple and effective. Very informative and not intimidating at all

“This is an excellent tool to plan and save money. I’ve already saved tons and paid off debt in a just a couple of months. And I’m learning things I was never taught before”

“This program has really helped me. The baby steps make tackling debt very manageable, and definitely less intimidating”

Start your budget now by downloading the EveryDollar app, visiting www.smartdollar.com/enroll/mistercarwash3316 or by clicking HERE.


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