Medical Plan

Medical Plan

Updated 07.17.2019

Mister Car Wash offers a choice of two medical plans to eligible employees and dependents:



Both plans offer great benefits, such as:

  • Preventive care (annual exams and well-child visits)
  • Choice of In-Network or Out-of-Network providers
  • Access to Teladoc (doctor by phone)


HDHP vs PPO Overview



Premium Designated Providers In-Network Providers Premium Designated Providers  In-Network   Providers
Calendar Year Deductible







Out-of-Pocket Maximum






Office Visit



10% after deductible


20% after deductible


$20/$30 copay


$40/$50 copay


Urgent Care

$45 copay

20% after deductible

$10 copay

$50 copay

Inpatient/Outpatient Procedures 20% after deductible 20% after deductible
Emergency Room 20% after deductible $300 copay (waived if admitted)
Prescription Drugs (up to 30 day supply)
Preventive $10 copay $0 copay
Generic 20% after deductible $10 copay
Preferred Brand 20% after deductible $35 copay
Non-Preferred Brand 20% after deductible $60 copay
Mail Order (up to 90 day supply) Preventive: $25 copay

All others: 20% after deductible

2.5x retail copay

*Those enrolled in either of the Mister Car Wash medical plans also get access to FREE programs to help with the following specific concerns:

     ♦  Help for Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

     ♦ Knee and Back Pain

     ♦ Weight Management

     ♦ Diabetes

     ♦ Expert 2nd Opinion




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