Pay Cards

Pay Cards

Updated 01.04.2019

Pay Cards

Get access to your money on payday — no more paychecks lost or delayed in the mail!  Tired of waiting in line to deposit or cash your paycheck?  Don’t want to carry around a lot of cash?

Mister Car Wash offers the option to have all or part of your check deposited on a free payroll debit card.  There are no fees for point-of-sale signature purchases or for in network ATM withdrawals.

Use it just like any debit card.  Want to put money aside for a rainy day? Christmas presents? Vacation? Put that money on a pay card for an instant way to save.

Registering is easy. Simply request a pay card packet from your manager, download the enrollment form, complete and send to Payroll! Your card will be active within 3 business days.

How to set up a Pay Card in Dayforce information: Click here


How to find your Payroll Card Banking information: Click Here

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