Set Up a Pay Card

Set Up a Pay Card

Updated 05.14.2020

Mister Car Wash offers Pay Cards as a convenient way to receive your money on pay day.

What is a Pay Card?

The Pay Card is simply a debit card onto which your paycheck can be deposited.  There aren’t any fees for using it to make purchases or for in-network ATM withdrawals.  You can use it just like any other debit card!

How do I get a Pay Card?

You can instantly get a Pay Card by asking your manager.    You will then need to activate it and provide your direct deposit information on your Dayforce profile.

How do I activate my Pay Card in Dayforce?

Click here for instructions on activating your new Pay Card and entering your direct deposit information.

My paycheck was not deposited onto my Pay Card.  What happened and how do I get paid?

If you have recently set up your Pay Card and your money was not deposited onto it as expected, the most likely reason is that you haven’t correctly entered your direct deposit information in Dayforce.

If this happens, your paycheck will be made available at your store in paper format.


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